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Dr. Richard Bolduc

Dr. Bolduc was born in Winnipeg and graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1975. He completed his Family Practice residency at the Foothills Hospital and began private practice in Calgary in 1977.

Prior to partnering with Dr. Cody in 2007, Dr. Bolduc gained a diverse array of experience in different settings including ten years at the Foothills Hospital Emergency room. He has attended over 1,000 deliveries and has a special interest in Palliative care, the Child Abuse Advisory Committee for Southern Alberta and the Alberta Children's Hospital. Dr. Bolduc is an LMCC examiner and recently received a professorship from the University of Calgary Department of Family Medicine so that he may act as a preceptor to future Physicians.

In his time away from the clinic he enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife, his daughter and his son.

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