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Dr. Ken Cody

Dr. Ken Cody was born in Calgary in 1956 and grew up among many of our current patients. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 1982 and began practicing as a Physician alongside his father Dr. Don Cody on September 4, 1984. When his father retired in 1987 he carried on the practice and has enjoyed welcoming new additions to longstanding families and watching different generations pass through the clinic.

Dr. Cody assists with orthopedic surgery twice a week, is a frequent speaker at medical conventions and is the Medical Lead for the Calgary Foothills PCN chronic disease program. Dr. Cody is an LMCC examiner and recently received a professorship from the University of Calgary Department of Family Medicine so that he may act as a preceptor to future Physicians. 


In his time away from the clinic Dr. Cody enjoys golfing, spending time with family and traveling the world.

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