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MyHealth Records

Albertans have access to MyHealth Records - an online tool provided by our provincial government and AHS that gives you the ability to view your medications, immunization records and the majority of your lab results in a secure portal. In order to sign up for this service, you require an account and your Personal Health Number. 


This service is only available to Albertans who are 14+ years old. If you require access to your child's records, you can do so via your own account by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out a "Health Information Access Request" form for each child you require access for.

  2. In the section beneath "What information are you looking for?" select "Other" and write in "Access to MyAHS Connect".

  3. Send the completed form(s) along with photos of your government-issued ID and all Alberta Health Care cards for yourself and each child to

  4. Access MyHealth Records or MyAHS Connect via web or app and you should see yourself and your children listed.

If you require assistance in accessing this service you can call their support line at 1-844-401-4016. 

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