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Mission Statement

Our mission:  

By blending modern medicine with the time-honored values of compassion, empathy & respect we partner with patients to achieve optimal health through a holistic approach to each child, adult, and senior we serve.


The Cody Clinic is a progressive community practice dedicated to healing and excellence, and to becoming creators of positive change in the community. We are a model for other clinics with our innovations in pilot health care programs and clinic operations.  We form collaborative relationships with both public and private organizations. We have an entrepreneurial spirit but exercise it in partnership with others.


Our vision

As leaders, The Cody Clinic will transform the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service innovation, and excellence. We will be recognized by employees, physicians, patients, students and the community as:


The BEST place to work

The BEST place to practice medicine

The BEST place to receive care

The BEST place to receive training



We will be known as excellent community citizens, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to improve the health and well being of those we serve.


We are leaders in innovative, holistic and quality healthcare. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services. We honor individuality, and strive to empower patients so that our partnership ensures they achieve their full health potential.


Our core values:

  • Disease prevention & wellness promotion for optimal long term health

  • Evidence-informed patient and family-centered care

  • Holistic wellbeing approach

  • Dignity & respect for patient values with emphasis on open dialogue

  • Foundation of trust and empathy

  • Culture of integrity and safety

  • Fostering a learning environment – inquiry, discovery and life long learning

  • Innovative approaches to healthcare and service

  • Pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and professional growth

  • Valued partner in the community

  • Catalysts for promoting positive change through effective advocacy

  • Teamwork – foster mutual respect and utilizing the power of collaboration

  • Stewardship – we aim to do more with less


The Cody Clinic has a long tradition in the community. We continue to draw on the unrivalled support of generations of families within our local community whom we have had (and continue to have) the privilege of providing care for. This has compelled each and every one of us to go above and beyond in an effort to provide nothing short of an exemplary care experience.

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