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Do I have to make an appointment just for a prescription?

We do require you to book an appointment for all prescription refills. Your medication is an important part of your health and wellness and your doctor will review your prescription usage and results to ensure that treatment is both effective and appropriate.

We recommend calling at least two weeks ahead for all appointments so that we have the best chance of giving you a time and date that works for both your schedule and ours. If you have found yourself short on medication or didn’t realize you had no refills left at the pharmacy please contact our office and we will do our best to accommodate your extenuating circumstance.


Are you taking patients?

Not presently.  In order to keep wait times for appointments reasonable we have had to limit new patient intake, though this will be re-evaluated over the course of the year. 

Do you charge for chart transfers?

Yes. The staff and physician time to prepare this material and transmit it is often significant.

Can I get my results over the phone?

Due to recent pandemic concerns and resulting changes in policy... yes! Not all visits might be suitable for this however, so please advise the staff the reason for your visit. I would also encourage you to sign up for the Alberta Patient Portal, which allows you to view some results online!

Do you charge for missed and late appointments?

Yes. When you are late or miss an appointment you are reserving time someone else could have used. The most common reasons for your physician to be behind is patients asking for extra issues or showing up late and expecting a full appointment. 

Missed/same-day cancelled appointments: $50

Missed mental health or extended appointment: $100

Why are you closed on Friday afternoons?

We share our space with Dr Lui (general surgeon, consult only) at this time.

Are you open weekends?

No. The Access 365 clinic through the CFPCN is your best bet, followed by the nearest emergency room (typically Foothills Medical Center)

Call the Healthlink line at 811 and let them know who your primary care provider is so that you can be directed to the appropriate place/time.

Do you have a female physician?

Yes, but unfortunately she is not taking new patients at this time.

Do you do travel vaccinations?

Yes and no. Unfortunately travel medicine is out of pocket (ie; not covered). Given this, we suggest you simply hit a travel clinic, as they are the most up to date and often have the vaccines on-site (we do not due to cold-chain requirements). Please plan to have your travel appointment 6 months ahead of your departure date, as the most important vaccine series requires at least this amount of time. It's still worth it to attend if you have less time, but plan ahead!

Can I communicate via email?

No. Currently we are using a secure messaging service FOR DOCUMENT TRANSFER ONLY. This is not checked regularly, and is not intended to be an avenue for medical advice or booking appointments. Ask our staff how to get set up on BrightSquid.

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