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Physical Exams

The following groups require annual screening:

  •  Men over 40 years old

  •  Women over 50 years old

  •  Women with no PAP smear in the last 3 years

Physical exams are to find the early signs of disease that do not have symptoms and are an important part of engaging in preventative care. During this appointment, we focus on five general areas:

  1. ​Cardiac Health
    Includes review and/or ordering of relevant labs or diagnostic imaging, blood pressure check, and general cardiac health discussion. 

  2. Cancer Screening
    A discussion regarding any outstanding screening that you may be due for such as PAP test, mammogram, FIT, colonoscopy, etc. 

  3. Lifestyle Review
    A chance to discuss how your current lifestyle (diet, exercise, smoking status etc.) may be impacting your health. We can connect patients with our Health Management Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist for a more in-depth discussion of these factors. 

  4. Mental Health Screen
    Includes basic screening for mental health issues with suggestions towards resources that could be beneficial. More extensive treatment can be engaged in at future appointments. 

  5. Active Concerns Not Addressed Prior
    This is an opportunity to get these concerns on our radar and to determine if additional diagnostic tests should be added to those routinely ordered during this exam. We invite patients to book separate appointments to discuss acute issues more fully. 



Please be aware per Alberta Health rules and regulations, patients are entitled to one complete physical exam per year. For example, if you had your last physical on October 13, 2022 you'd next be eligible on October 14, 2023 and so forth. If you are unsure of when your last exam was, our staff can assist you in looking this up at the time of booking. 

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