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Confidence, and the lack thereof (#ShandroMustGo)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In December 2019, Vivian Gomez was the feature of a bizarre news article detailing a strange creature caught on video on her driveway. The article clearly implicates her son "Bobby", but I would like to propose an alternate theory:

On July 21, 2020, the Alberta Medical Association (the nearest thing physicians have to a union) put an unusual item up to a vote; "Do you have confidence in the Minister?". I have been outspoken within physician circles that the AMA has been tepid in their handling of recent Bill 21, which lets the government void any contract they've made with physicians. This vote marks a significant change in the AMA's approach to negotiation; they no longer feel health Minister Tyler Shandro will ever negotiate. Four offers have been made since the start of 2020, which have been outright ignored.

This poses no surprise, as the UCP agenda has always been privatization. Why deal with the organization you're working to subvert? Surely Shandro must have expected the backlash, so what could have unhinged him so?

The above image regarding his alleged conflict of interest is what inflamed our tender minister so. Apparently Shandro did not expect anyone to air his dirty laundry, and after all his mud-slinging you'd imagine there to be plenty.

His other escapades include:

Whether or not a blind trust is adequate to fend versus conflict of interest is a matter of debate, especially given recent politics South of the border. I would pose the question; doesn't cancelling public drug coverage sound like the agenda of a man profiting from decimating public health care? Yes, yes it does.

Shandro benefits from UCP cronyism, in that as long as "he appears to seem sorry" our Premier seems uninclined to remove him from office. Which highlights the greater issue; Shandro is only the incompetent figurehead here, and his resignation or replacement only changes the mouthpiece of the underlying UCP agenda. Those with longer memories will recall a similar story in former AHS president and comb-over cookie monster Stephen Duckett, who existed in his position long enough to make staff cuts then flee to Australia with a golden handshake.

Even should the AMA declare a lack of confidence, and then god willing Kenney should replace Shandro, we must bear in mind that the UCP political agenda is the problem.

So how can you help? Call for accountability!


Remember to send your concerns to;

Premier Jason Kenney

Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Patient letter template
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Couple bonus hashtags today: #ShandroMustGo #Shandemic

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