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Consequences catching up to you? Try forced labor!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Unable to believe that physicians working in a toxic environment will leave? Well, the evidence is there.

Check out the CBC article here:

Brass tacks:

  • Physicians are leaving Alberta already

  • CPSA is our licensing body, which Shandro can dismantle under the Health Providers' Act (and will therefore rarely risk contradicting the government)

  • Physicians may struggle getting licensed elsewhere without a letter of good standing from the CPSA, meaning leaving SOONER is advantageous

  • Other provinces are aware of this, and may overlook the lack of a recommendation to encourage physician migration

  • Protections for patients whose provider leaves are already established by the CPSA

  • Withdrawing services outside a contract (which he dismantled) is not job action, and forcing someone to work is a human rights abuse

Expect fewer services and longer wait times as a result, and recruiting into this situation will be next to impossible.

How do I help?

Remember to send your concerns to; Premier Jason Kenney

Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Patient letter template
Download PDF • 189KB

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