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On the subject of masks...

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Yes, masks are mandatory in our clinic. I have had to ask a number of patients to ACTUALLY WEAR the mask we provide you FOR FREE up front (Pro-tip; the side with the metal bar is the top!).

Numerous trials show the benefit, and here's a decent lay-man's article with several:

Yes, I know you don't think you have the virus.

Yes, I know you aren't worried about catching it (it's the patient beside I worry about).

Yes, you need to wear it even if I am not in the exam room with you (reduces spread).

Yes, I know it's not comfortable.

Yes, I know you hate it.

Yes, I will ask you to leave if you refuse.

As my former respiratory teacher posted recently;

If that doesn't convince you, try this less elegant approach;

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