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UCP Acting Classless, Loses Next Class of Physicians

Recent government changes and an ongoing toxic approach to healthcare by the UCP are causing established physicians to seek opportunities elsewhere, but the problem will persist long beyond the next election cycle.

When medical trainees were surveyed;

"Over 96 per cent of the survey respondents indicated that the unilateral changes being made by the UCP government are inappropriate given the current context. 

Over 79 per cent indicated that they were likely to move outside of Alberta to pursue further medical training. Over 91 per cent of these students said that it is unlikely that they will return to Alberta to practice medicine given the proposed changes in regards to Bill 21 and the refusal of the current government to engage in negotiations with the AMA.".

Alberta is losing nearly 80% of the next generation of physicians, with 90% of those so disillusioned that they doubt they will return. The "brain drain" is not simply about current physicians leaving, but also the future difficulties Alberta will have recruiting professionals to fill that void.

How do I help?

Remember to send your concerns to; Premier Jason Kenney

Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Patient letter template
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